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Active Release Technique in York, PA

When the soft tissue—such as muscles, ligaments and tendons—tears, this can result in fibrous tissue known as an adhesions. Generally caused by injury, poor posture, and overuse, adhesions can cause loss of mobility and pain. At Chiropractic Medical Center, we employ the Active Release Technique, or ART, to treat adhesions and restore your range of motion.

Active Release Technique has been proven to treat a number of common conditions, including:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • back pain;
  • neck pain;
  • shoulder pain;
  • tennis elbow;
  • sciatica;
  • pinched nerves;
  • TMJ; and
  • plantar fasciitis.

With ART therapy, our healthcare professional will assess the movement, texture and tension of the soft tissue to identify any potential adhesions causing you pain. Next, he or she will use a specialized technique to break up or remove these adhesions using stretching motions.

In addition to Active Release Technique, we offer a number of other treatments, including chiropractic care, physiotherapy and massage therapy, to help patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain. To learn more, call Chiropractic Medical Center in York today at 717-767-4151 for a FREE evaluation with one of our healthcare professionals.

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