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Cold Laser Therapy in York, PA

If you are experiencing pain or other symptoms related to soft tissue injuries, cold laser therapy may help. As an all-natural treatment option, cold laser therapy requires no recovery time, which means you are able to return to your activities immediately following your session. The healthcare professionals at Chiropractic Medical Center offer cold laser therapy to our patients as well as a number of other treatments, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, and physical rehabilitation.

Cold laser therapy uses wavelengths of light to penetrate the soft tissue, such as muscles, joints and tendons, without heat. Our technician can change the depth of the laser to target the area of concern. The light energy, in turn, stimulates damaged cells to encourage healing. Cold laser therapy is very safe and does not cause side effects or pain.

The biological effects of cold laser therapy includes:

  • reduced inflammation of the affected area;
  • reduced pain;
  • improved nerve function;
  • increased circulation;
  • increased cell growth; and
  • increased metabolic activity.

To learn if you are a candidate for cold laser therapy, please contact our office at 717-767-4151 today to schedule a time for your FREE evaluation.

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