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Deep Water Aquatic Therapy in York, PA

At Chiropractic Medical Center, we offer deep water aquatic therapy to complement our chiropractic care and traditional physical rehabilitation services. Our healthcare professionals can lead you through a number of non-impact exercises within the water to help you recover from injuries or other medical conditions.

Re-learning how to perform tasks after an injury can be difficult. By going through the motions in a buoyant environment before returning to land, patients often experience faster recovery and improved function.

Water therapy provides several benefits over traditional therapy. For example, pressure from the water reduces swelling and increases circulation. In addition, water provides a safe place for people who are working on their walking and balance, as they cannot fall and get hurt.

Deep water aquatic therapy may be used to treat a number of conditions, including:

  • muscle strains and sprains;
  • fractures;
  • tendonitis;
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • arthritis; and
  • fibromyalgia.

Water therapy is also beneficial for those recovering from surgery or who are rehabilitating from a sports-related injury.

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