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If you have recently undergone back surgery with the expectation that it would relieve your pain and associated symptoms, only to discover that it failed, the healthcare professionals at Chiropractic Medical Center can help. It can be disappointing to discover that such an invasive procedure was unsuccessful; however, there are a number of all-natural therapies that can be used to address the source of your pain as well as strengthen your back in order to facilitate recovery from your surgery.

Our office offers a range of treatment options, which include:

  • chiropractic care;
  • spinal decompression;
  • massage therapy;
  • physical rehabilitation exercises;
  • electrical stimulation; and
  • ultrasound therapy.

With a pool onsite, we also offer deep water aquatic therapy for those who have experienced failed back surgery. Many of our patients report that the feeling of weightlessness in the water has allowed them to complete exercises that would have been painful or difficult to perform on land.

Don’t let a failed procedure keep you from seeking help for your back pain. Call Chiropractic Medical Center now at 717-767-4151 to schedule a FREE evaluation with one of our healthcare professionals.

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