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Low back pain is a condition that affects the majority of the population at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, low back pain can impact your ability to walk, stand, sit or even sleep and  could cause considerable stress. At Chiropractic Medical Center, our number one goal is to provide effective treatments to quickly relieve back pain—allowing you to resume your daily activities free from discomfort.

Correctly diagnosing the reason for your low back pain is the key to successful treatment. Our healthcare team employs a number of diagnostic assessments—such as X-rays and ultrasound—to identify the underlying condition causing your discomfort. Generally, the most common causes of lower back pain include the following:

  • nerve irritation (such as a pinched or compressed nerve);
  • spinal stenosis;
  • herniated or bulging discs;
  • trauma;
  • illness;
  • muscle strain;
  • arthritis; and
  • fractures.

We offer a variety of treatment plans to address low back pain, including spinal decompression, spinal manipulation, massage therapy and physical rehabilitation exercises. Our office also features an onsite swimming pool, which may be used for deep water aquatic therapy.

To reduce the risk of reinjury or recurrence, our healthcare professionals can also suggest lifestyle changes or develop an at-home exercise plan designed to complement your sessions in our office.

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