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Are you currently suffering from back pain or a recent injury that is affecting your mobility and range of motion? If so, physiotherapy is an all-natural treatment that can help address musculoskeletal conditions and injuries in order to restore your previous physical abilities. At Chiropractic Medical Center, our healthcare professionals offer a variety of therapies  to reduce your pain as well as the risk of future injuries.

Our healthcare team is comprised of experts from different specialties, which ensures that you receive an integrated approach to physical rehabilitation. Depending on your injury or health condition, you may be asked to perform a series of exercises to increase your strength as well as flexibility. We also  offer the following physiotherapy services:

  • decompression therapy;
  • electrical stimulation;
  • micro-current therapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • moist heat; and
  • massage therapy.

In addition, our office also has a pool for deep water and aquatic therapy. This treatment plan may be beneficial for those experiencing joint or mobility problems.

Our physical rehabilitation program extends far beyond in-office treatment; our physiotherapists will also educate you on lifestyle changes that can be made to improve your health. An at-home exercise program will also be developed to expedite your recovery process.

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