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When muscles are injured or overworked, it can cause muscle groups to become tight and form “knots.” This, in turn, can result in trigger points. Trigger points are sensitive areas within the knot that can cause pain in the local area or referred pain in other parts of the body (such as the head). At Chiropractic Medical Center, our healthcare professionals are experienced when it comes to identifying trigger points and relieving pain.

Trigger point injections are an effective way to treat the pain associated with this condition. With this treatment method, our healthcare professional will administer a solution—consisting of a local anesthetic, steroid, or saline—into the affected area. The injection stops the spasms in order to “deactivate” the trigger point and provide fast pain relief. For patients who are allergic to these types of solutions, dry needling may be used with similar results.

If you are experiencing muscle soreness or headaches, trigger points may be to blame. To learn if this condition is responsible for your painful symptoms, please call Chiropractic Medical Center today at 717-767-4151 for a FREE initial evaluation.

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