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Back Pain Prevention


Low Back PainPreventative Care is a buzz word these days, and rightly so: Medical costs are rising steeply, and individuals, health care providers and health insurance agencies are realizing the benefits of treating a healthy person, rather than waiting for illness to strike!

For decades, physical medicine specialists have understood the need for preventative health care, and this field of medicine is growing as a result. Through whole-body health, physical medicine professionals are able to help patients avoid a number of painful and debilitating physical conditions.

Recent studies show that 8 out of 10 patients visit the doctor because of back pain. And many non-strenuous activities are to blame for these injuries—light house cleaning, easy yard work and minor stumbles or falls. Though initially these accidents seem insignificant, if a person’s back, neck and spine are not in good condition, these events can easily lead to more extreme physical conditions.

Physical medicine professionals work toward maintaining healthy spinal alignment with each patient, as a healthy spine plays such a huge role in back pain prevention. Through gentle chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy, physical medicine specialists are able to alleviate any stress on the spine. This release of tension allows the spine to move freer, and to sustain minor bumps and jolts patients may experience.

What are some ways physical medicine experts can help keep your back healthy and pain free? In addition to chiropractic adjustments (to realign the spine) and massage therapy sessions (to keep soft tissues limber and flexible), physical medicine practitioners often recommend:

  • Spinal Decompression Therapy (to gently elongate the spine and alleviate herniated discs),
  • Cold Laser Therapy (to relieve painful muscular trigger points), and
  • Physical Therapy (to strengthen existing muscle and build new muscle. Added bonus: physical therapy can improve a patient’s coordination and balance).

Physical medicine professionals also recognize that unhealthy weight adds stress to the neck, back and spine, and many clinic offer weight-loss programs designed to help patients safely and effectively lose unhealthy weight. If hormone imbalance is to blame for undesired weight gain, most physical medicine specialists have the diagnostic tools to assess and treat hormone irregularities.

For the best in back pain prevention in our area, call our office today to schedule a FREE consultation with a member of our team.

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