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Physical Medicine Care for Seniors


jan14exercise-300x300Though physical medicine care appears to target a younger audience, truth be told, many senior adults are looking to physical medicine care to deal with the common symptoms of aging to improve quality of life. At our clinic, our older patients benefit from physical medicine care just as much, if not more than, our younger population. If you are an older adult who is experiencing the everyday, aggravating, painful symptoms associated with aging, don’t underestimate the benefits physical medicine can add to your life!

As we age, it is tempting to deal with the most obvious changes first—vision and hearing. Decreased vision and hearing are often some of the first signs to appear, and we are quick to treat the symptoms. But it is important not to neglect the effect the aging process has on our spine and soft tissues (muscles, joints, tendons). Just as you visit your ophthalmologist and audiologist to regain normal vision and hearing functions, routine visits to your physical medicine specialist helps you ward off aches and pains.

Though many of the symptoms of aging are unavoidable, many can be diminished through spinal adjustments, physical therapy, and massage therapy. To ensure proper spinal alignment, which ultimately affects your neck, back, hips, and legs, we recommend gentle chiropractic manipulations. In addition to reducing everyday aches and pains, proper alignment of the spine also decreases the likelihood of headaches and/or issues with balance.

Muscle mass often decreases as folks age, and physical medicine physical therapists can work with you to retain muscle mass, improve flexibility, and improve joint function.

Through regular massage therapy treatments, your soft tissues remain pliable and elongated, decreasing your chance for painful trigger points and pulled or strained muscles.

Physical medicine facilities also provide on-site diagnostic testing to determine any underlying, less obvious physical medicine conditions. If needed, physical medicine specialists can provide hormone therapy and nutritional coaching.

Let our skilled physical medicine professionals help keep the structures of your spine in alignment, your soft tissues flexible, and your aging symptoms to a minimum! Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation with a member of our team.

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