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What to do when the Flu Shot Fails You


32854465_sAs you probably know by now, this year’s flu shot wasn’t quite all it was cracked up to be. While the importance of the flu shot is drilled into us from the minute that the cold and flu season starts, the fact is that really, the concoction is really just an educated guess on which strains will be dominant this year. This season, the guess wasn’t so great, and experts estimate that about half of the viruses in cases that that have been identified are different than the ones included in the vaccine for this the year. What do you do if you catch one of the bugs that’s not covered? Here are some tips for surviving the season, even if you catch the flu.  

  • Blow your nose the right way. You’ll want to clear out your nose to avoid sniffing mucus back into your sinuses, but if you blow too hard, you can give yourself an earache. Blow gently, closing off first one nostril, and then the other, and remember to always wash your hands after you blow.
  • Get plenty of rest. As soon as you feel an illness coming on, get some extra rest. Your body can use the extra energy while it’s fighting against the invading viruses or bacteria.
  • Lay off the sugar. You may have heard before that eating sugary foods can lower your immunity, but recent research indicates that some viruses, actually feed on sugar! This could be a big part of the reason people tend to fall ill during the holiday season.
  • Heat things up. Drink hot beverages, take steamy showers, and apply a warm compress to your congested sinuses. All of these actions can be soothing, and can help clear out your congestion.
  • Elevate your head when you sleep. When you’re congested, it’s often hard to sleep, but propping your head up a little more can help. If you’re not comfortable using an extra pillow under your head, you can put it under the mattress, to give you the needed elevation. Raising your head can help your nasal passages to drain, allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.

The best way to protect yourself from illnesses like the cold and flu, of course, is to be proactive in your own healthcare. At our clinic, we embrace a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on keeping the whole body healthy. For a free consultation, call us today!

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